Sailmates – An Adventure in Sailing Around the World

Two ships… that didn't pass in the night

Let your dreams set sail...

Self doubt is the anchor that keeps our ship from sailing,

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination.

  In 2017, my husband and I will be selling our horse farm on which we have spent the past 28 years. Our lives here have been amazing and we wouldn’t change a minute of raising our 3 wonderful children in this lifestyle. However, our destiny was determined on the day we met, and in […]

The hunt for the perfect boat. It is an illusive and difficult search. Dan wants a quality boat, fin keel, fast, and with excellent handling skills. He is looking for a vessel that will point well up wind and be fast and smooth down wind. I am looking for a boat that has an efficient galley, lots of handholds and a queen sized bed. That pretty much narrows us down to a center cockpit. We both feel a boat in the 44 ft. to 48 ft. would be best, as we need to be able to single hand the boat in an emergency. So, the hunt continues and the ever present feeling that the countdown clock is ticking, weighs heavily on our minds.

Alison is an educator, riding instructor, vaulting coach and mom, who has always had two dreams. The first is to be an author and the second is to sail around the world. To date, Alison has self published three books, all available on Check them out!

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